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From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Thursday, November 11, 2010



This has been a challenging year for me. I've had to deal with an inordinate number of officials cancelling games late, using incorrect judgment, misinterpreting our philosophies, and struggling with rules and mechanics knowledge. Admittedly, I have set the bar very high for your performance and professionalism as officials because our coaches have set the bar equally high for their teams. During the off season, I will spend plenty of time talking with coaches and veteran officials on many of the issues we have faced this season. I certainly hope that I have not come across as too negative in my weekly bulletins. As you know, I am simply trying to make all officials better at this difficult and rewarding job. I do trust that each official is trying to improve their performance each week, and the majority of our members take their responsibilities seriously. I will never lower my expectations of our officials, but I can certainly be patient if I know that you are trying to improve at this level. Remember, this is the only job where we’re expected to start perfect and get better every week. In goal setting, in order for a person to truly grow to their fullest capability, Their Reach Must Exceed Their Grasp!

Unsportsmanlike vs. Unnecessary Roughness. Make sure to report to the referee all unsportsmanlike fouls (UNS) and unnecessary roughness fouls (UNR) correctly. There is a big difference. If a player receives two unsportsmanlike fouls in a game he is ejected from the game and suspended from the next game. If a player gets two unnecessary roughness fouls, there is no such ejection or suspension. Make sure you know the difference.

Abbreviations. If you are interested, our web site now has the abbreviations for the NCAA foul form. Look for the penalty section in "misc".

Illegal Substitution vs. Illegal Participation. Remember, if you are fairly certain that you have 12 players on the field, throw your flag and shut down the play before it starts. If we do have 12 players, there should be two flags on offense and three flags on defense (as those are the numbers of officials who should be counting). It looks much better to have all the officials catch the illegal substitution. Let's make sure we get this before the snap. If we have to penalize a team 15 yards for illegal participation because we didn't kill the play, that's our fault.

Pass Interference. The three biggest reasons pass interference calls are missed: (1) an official is out of position, (2) an official is watching the ball and not the players, and (3) an official is not following his keys. As you can tell, the reason a call is usually missed is mechanics, and not rules knowledge. Just remember, before we call any fouls, they must be BIG.

Formation on Kickoff. In attempting an onside kick, some teams decide to use two kickers so that the kick could go in either direction. Remember that when either kicker kicks the ball there must be four players on either side of the kicker. Also remember, the kicker does not count as one of the four players. Referees, this is your call from 70 yards away. It really isn't that hard to see.

Last Week. Because this is the last week of the regular season, we must be ready for trick plays. We also need to make sure we are using preventive officiating and we must be strong at dead-ball officiating. Many games this week have playoff and bowl game implications. Let's make sure we finish strong.

Last, but not least… For all of you who have contributed to improving college officiating in Southern California , two simple words: THANK YOU! I would also like to thank our commissioner, Jim Sartoris, all the athletic directors, game administrators, coaches and officials for your support this season. Not all plays were ruled correctly, and not all situations were handled perfectly. However, hopefully we all did our best. Thank you to our Instructional Chairman, Jack Wood, and the area instructors, Bill McCabe, Steve Strimling, Mike Weseloh, Pat Turner, Marvel July, Jim Crowley, Dave Kretz, Craig Falkner, Pete Gautreau, Doug Wilson, Brad Glen, and Judson Howard for all their hard work during the season. Thank you also to our excellent staff of observers who evaluated over 60 games. Playoff assignments will be released early next week. SCCFOA officials will be working the state finals this year. Have a great off-season, and again, thank you for your support. Our officiating program continues to improve each year. I challenge all of the newer officials to participate during the spring and summer study sessions being conducted in many locations. I do believe that football officials work harder than officials in any other sport to improve their knowledge and skills. Whether you realize it or not, everyone involved in the game appreciates all of your hard work.

Postseason. The bowl games, playoffs and state final assignments will be made early next week. Dean, Vern, Jack, and I will meet on Monday to discuss the assignments. We have all agreed that attendance at meetings, test scores and evaluators' reports will be used to determine the assignments. Good luck to all of you. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again and please remember how lucky all of us are to be able to work at improving this great game of football and make an impact on the young people of California . You are truly helping make an impression on the next generation of leaders.

"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall." -- Vince Lombardi

Rich Kollen
Director of Football Operations

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