Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 14:26:15 -0500

The season is winding down; however, as officials, we must stay focused
during the next two weeks. Many games this weekend will determine
conference championships and playoff spots.

Referees be sure to discuss the following: If we start on a yard line,
we cannot always assume that we have a first down at the next 10 yard mark.
The field is not always perfectly marked and there are times that a measurement
is critical to game management. Always take the time to measure. Referees - you
must develop a feel for what is happening in the game to make the decision.

Another problem is the HL must have game awareness and when the referees
signals 1st down move the chains immediately it is now too late to
measure. Never move the ball to the hash mark to measure always measure where
the ball becomes dead. All crew members should be aware if the ball is
close to a 1st down and communicate accordingly.

A very successful coach who has a good knowledge of the rules called and the
conversation went like this: That old official who is retiring this year, well, I'm
going to miss him. When asked why, this was his answer "he keeps the flag
in his pocket until there is foul". This official philosophy; Make the
foul big, call what needs to be called and communicate with coaches and
fellow officials is the key to success.

When there is a fumble and players are piling in we must have an official in the
pile. It is not who is the strongest but who has the ball.

There seems to be a problem with HL and LJ counting the defense. We understand that
counting can be difficult at times looking down the line. However with five officials, it
is so important for the BJ to have help with counting defense. We suggest the LJ step
into the defensive backfield to better count the linemen. This is especially important
on forth down plays.

There has been discussion in some crews that the BJ is giving up the goal line when the
ball is snapped from the twenty-yard line. Our mechanics call for this to be done from
the 15 yard line. We think it is asking too much of flank officials to get to the goal line
when the ball starts at the twenty. BJs should be mobile enough to make this coverage work.

Make sure when mirroring signals other than stopping the clock, that you have actual
knowledge of the play. If an official signals change of possession and you don't see
it, then limit your signaling to the clock, otherwise you are telling your crew mate
and the coaches you saw the call and agree with it. Speaking of mirroring signals it
is not necessary for everyone to signal touch down, only the covering official.

In closing keep up the good work, travel safe and have fun.


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