Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 09:38:01

Sorry that I was not able to send out a bulletin last weekend. I was busy with many things including welcoming two twin granddaughters into the world. I was able to see two games last weekend and was impressed with both crews. A few things we need to discuss before the last two weeks of the season. We need to be careful of comments we make before and after our games. Remember that any comments we make may be overheard by non-officials. I received a call this week regarding a crew that was locked out of their dressing room after a game. I was informed that the officials told the coach who finally opened the door that this was "a direct reflection on your program." Although there is no excuse for game management not to have the door open, report it in your game report and let us handle it. A few things on the field: 1) Don't automatically think DPI on wide receivers. When two players are making a play on a forward pass and the offensive player uses an arm to create separation, think OPI. 2) Make sure to continue to keep the sidelines clear. Last week there were several sideline warnings noted on the foul reports. This tool is there to keep the sidelines under control. Keep up the good work on the sidelines. 3) Both crews I saw last weekend had good presence in the side zones and out-of-bounds. Back Judges and Referees are the key to the dead ball officiating in these areas. 4) Side Judges and Field Judges, watch what the NFL officials do with the fade mechanics. They back up and watch the play. They don't turn and run to the pylon. When we turn, we miss plays. 5) Penalties are still being marked off incorrectly. Line Judge and Head Linesman, you need to help the Referee and Umpire mark off the penalty. Ensure that it starts at the right enforcement spot and that the distance is correct. If you don't know the enforcement spots, make sure you study the rules. The Common Sense Call of the Week: With no visible 25-second clock, one crew called a delay of game after a time out. What advantage is gained by snapping the ball a bit after the play clock expires? Use common sense and only call penalties that result in an advantage or disadvantage. As we enter this last part of the season, note that many conference championships and bowl bids will be at stake the next two weeks. Please review overtime rules and procedures at the next pre-game. Good luck, and keep up the good work.

-Rich Kollen

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