Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Thursday, October 27, 2011



This will be a short bulletin because I will be out of town attending the California Community College Athletic Association fall meetings.

A few items that will improve the management of SCFA games.

When the Side Judge meets with the clock operator (45 minutes prior to kickoff) please have him set the clock to the remaining time before the kickoff and start the clock. This will help coaches and fans know when the game will start.

The following are the options when we have a free kick out of bounds (KOB):
Re-kick after five yard penalty
Ball placed 30 yards in advance of the kick
Ball at the spot where it goes OB plus five yards

When ruling on whether a ball is catchable or not, always give the benefit of the doubt to make it catchable. This is especially true if the ball hits within three feet of the sideline or lands in the field of play. Let's remember how talented and athletic these athletes are. If you do rule that a ball was uncatchable, consider a defensive hold.

Be careful of your actions and time spent with coaches before the game. Always assume that the other coach is watching your actions.

We need to continue to do a better job of counting the defense. Please refer to last week's bulletin on correct mechanics. In one game last week, the Referee had to call the illegal substitution on the defense. That shouldn't happen.

When a 4th down play or any kick down ends, all officials should be signaling to stop the clock.

On a try down, always anticipate that a team may attempt a two-point conversion. In a game that I watched several times last week, each member of the crew was in his normal kick position, and the team attempted a two-point conversion. It looked like a Chinese fire drill as the crew tried to get into proper position.

With the new Hudl film exchange program, coaches are sending in video for me to review. This has become a monster of a job. Please understand that I am only one person, and I get to as many as possible each week. My plan is to use many of these videos during the summer study sessions for officials.

Let's work hard to keep our sidelines clear, so the officials can do their job. If we can't get into position, it makes it much more difficult to make the proper calls. Injuries happening to our officials as a result of contact with nonplayers should not happen.

Review Rule 9-2-5. A 5-yard sideline interference after a scoring play must be enforced prior to the try. It cannot be carried over to the kickoff, as it is neither a personal foul nor unsportsmanlike conduct.
We need to be more efficient in our penalty enforcements. I understand there are times when there will be a difficult enforcement, and we need to take our time on those. However, on no-brainer penalties, such as a false start, we need to be more efficient in our enforcement.
Remember that the players are required to wear proper equipment. That includes having the chinstrap snapped at all points. We need to be more diligent about this.

Let's make sure to be good dead-ball officials. Lots of things can distract the officials on the field. However, we need to concentrate between downs. Lots of things can go wrong when we are not concentrating.

Prior to games, the officials should be concentrating on the players as they warm up. We cannot allow players from opposite teams to taunt each other. In addition, do not allow teams to trash talk coaches from the opposite team. Stop this before it starts.

As usual, thanks to everyone for your hard work. Good luck this week!

The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped it. - Lou Holtz

Rich Kollen
Director of Football Operations
Southern California Football Association

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