Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 15:04:48

Most of you are doing a terrific job on the field. However, there have been a number of problems reported recently. Many of them are off the field. Last week was not good for our professionalism. SCCFOA has come so far in such a short time and this year many new officials have joined the college ranks, partially in response to the move to seven officials. This is a great opportunity for these new officials. As a point of reference, I did not work a HS Varsity game until my fifth year, and community college games came after ten years and two CIF finals. I'm not sure that new college officials appreciate this level as much as officials in the past. With this wonderful opportunity comes responsibility and accountability. The following situations occurred last week- An official obtained his own replacement for a game. Compounding the problem, the sub arranged for a sub. All of this was arranged without calling an assignment coordinator. If you are forced to miss a game, call an assignment coordinator first. We had an official using smokeless tobacco during the pre-game in the college locker room and taking it on the field. There is no excuse for this. I ask each of you to review Rule 1-4-11. Officials should use common sense and refrain from doing something that, if done by a player, would result in his disqualification. An AD called to report that a crew was seen yelling at each other before a game. You are not expected like every official with whom you work. The Referee's job is to conduct a pre-game conference and get everyone mentality ready to officiate. Lecturing and criticizing past performance is no way to get a crew ready to work. I encourage each of you (especially newer officials) to attend games and observe different crews. If you do so, and are on the sideline, act professionally. DO NOT TALK TO THE OFFICIALS DURING THE GAME. NEVER OFFER YOUR OPINION DURING THE GAME TO OFFICIALS OR TEAM PERSONNEL. IF YOU MUST TALK, WATCH THE GAME FROM THE STANDS. Officials continue to arrive late. This is unacceptable. We have all lived in Southern California long enough to know the unpredictability of traffic. Do not offer any excuses for being late, as none are acceptable. As for on-the-field concerns: Another inadvertent whistle was blown that canceled a touchdown. See the ball before you blow your whistle and maintain concentration on every play. No view of the ball? No whistle! BJ, you are desperately needed to assist with cleaning up after a down. You must get into the side zones and help with dead ball officiating. On plays ending out of bounds, BJs must get to the sideline. Most of our colleges have a computerized system to create game stats. I receive at least one call a week from sports information directors regarding wrong penalty enforcements. If a play starts at the 16 yd. line and there is a 15 yd. Penalty, the computer records the next snap at the 31 yd. line. When officials put it at the 32 or 30 yd. line the computer must be reset to override the mistake. LJ and HL, please help U get this correct. If the computers can correctly add 16 and 15, we can be expected to do the same. Discuss false starts at the next pre-game. If B jumps into the neutral zone, and a threatened A lineman reacts, we penalize the defense for being offside. A crew missed that last week, calling a false start instead. Don't let these bulletins mislead you. For the most part, the officiating has been outstanding. Remember, if we concentrate on every play, mistakes decline dramatically. Concentrate on each down, and get yourself mentally ready to officiate each play. When we lose focus, we make mistakes, and unfortunately, everyone in the stadium ends up seeing them. Best of luck this week.

-Rich Kollen

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