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From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@me.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015



This week, Fullerton College will be playing Santa Ana College. This game has been played since 1916. From 1925-1958 the game was played on Thanksgiving Day, and there is an old picture of a Turkey Day game where emotions were running so high that the Santa Ana fire department needed to spray people with a fire hose to maintain order. That, of course, was before our current decorum policy. After all these years, it remains a great rarity, with both teams attending a Friday morning kick-off breakfast. Tradition is a special thing in today's crazy world. Last August, over 600 people attended the unveiling of a full size bronze statue of the late Fullerton coach, Hal Sherbeck. Hal's won/loss record was 241-70-8, including a 47-game win streak and national titles in 1965, 1967, and 1983. We are a part of some great traditions in California community college football.

We are having some local television stations and college stations broadcast of some of our games. The production crews have requested that the Referee report fouls to where their camera is located, sometimes opposite the press box. While we encourage and appreciate the television coverage, the Referee must report fouls to the press box.

After 60 minutes of hard football, occasionally we have to go to extra periods. Everything is critical during that time, so please review some of the key things that could happen, especially some of the penalty enforcements. I would suggest Referees appoint a crewmember to be the rules go-to person for overtime issues. The rules do have some differences between regulation and extra periods. Know the differences!

Coaches sent in some good plays this week. I have sent them to each of the Referees as teachable moments. Punter fumbled the ball, started to run, then threw a pass beyond the line. I hope all of you are currently reading this and thinking "ineligibles downfield." In this case we had three! Be alert for those situations. For determining whether a pass is forward or backward, it is the position of the ball when released and when first touched. H/L, discuss this in the next pregame. Be ready to help. Egos stay off the field. Get the play right!

We are having too many conferences about rather routine calls. These conferences are also taking longer than necessary. It is important that we get the calls right, but we shouldn't need to do it as often. Let's keep the games moving.

Knowing the correct number of time-outs remaining is a critical part of game management. If a coach is told he has a time-out remaining, but the crew later realizes that the team does not have any left, do not charge them with a penalty. That is our mistake. All members of the crew need to record charged time-outs. DO NOT penalize the team for an official's mistake. If you mistakenly tell a coach he has time-outs left, please own up to that mistake.

We need both the FJ and BJ to rule on the result of field goals and kick tries and both signal. The official closest to the ball makes the ruling on the upright, and the other official mirrors the signal, both holding until the Referee, after clearing the kicker and holder, turns and signals to the press box. If the cross bar is the issue, the B will make that ruling, but again, both officials need to give a signal.

Last year, it was a point of emphasis for a whistle to be blown when the ball is dead. Coaches teach their players to play until a whistle. If the play warrants it, other officials can echo the whistle. This will help keep the game under control. I know we worry about whistles, but we need to have one on every play.

Remember, the ball carrier can be pushed to get additional yardage, but he cannot be pulled in a forward direction to gain yardage. We missed a pull from the three-yard line and awarded a TD. It is true that we do NOT want this called often, but if there is a prolonged and obvious pull of a runner, that is a foul that must be called.

If a defensive player enters the neutral zone, and there is sudden movement by the offense, the only offensive players protected from a false start are the players directly over and to each side of that player, if the defensive player is heads-up. If the defensive movement is in a gap between two offensive players, they are the only two protected from a foul. If anyone else moves, it is a false start. For instance, if the defensive end enters the neutral zone, and stops (not advancing toward the QB), and the running back jumps, that is a false start. In addition, the response must be immediate. It can't be a late reaction only intended to get a cheap foul.

We have sixteen crews that have been together for six games. As a Referee, you must be able to resolve differences among crewmembers that might occur at this point of the season. We have proven that crew assignments produce better results. By this time, each crew should be able to assess each member's strengths and weakness. Nothing is worse than crews on which individuals put themselves above the crew. The last four weeks are the most important of the season. Officials must be ready to officiate at the highest level. Leave the egos at the door on your way INTO the locker room. There should be no egos in the locker room. We're all lucky to be officiating the game we love.

Officials ruling on tight sideline catches must train themselves to watch the receiver's feet first to determine if that element of the catch is completed, then move your eyes up to see the ball. This takes much practice, but it is the only way we are going to consistently make the correct ruling on the field. For help, remember that the name of the game is FOOT-BALL.

We can always learn from others. We give the important responsibility of monitoring the clock to the SJ. We always need to have 6 other officials acting as the SJ. That is especially true near the end of a half.

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Rich Kollen
Director of Football Operations
Southern California Football Association

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