Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 09:51:00

This week begins the second half of the season. Now is the time when we must work hard to control games. Dead-ball officiating becomes critical now. Our concentration and focus need to continue to improve throughout the rest of the season. Along those lines, please remember that these bulletins are not written to embarrass an official or a crew. They are intended simply to make you a better football official. Mistakes are being made on the field from which we can all learn. If an official has called an illegal forward pass, remember that, by rule, the enforcement is from the spot of the pass. Ensure that the flag is at the spot of the pass. Last week, one crew enforced such a penalty from the previous spot. Situation: 4th down and 6 on B's 46 yard line. A is in a shotgun/scrimmage kick formation when QB A-4 moves away from his LOS toward his bench area shouting at the sideline as if confused. Blocking back A-32 has not moved and appears in position to receive a snap if one were to occur. During this time, team B's defensive coach is yelling at his players to watch for a snap. The play clock reaches 2 seconds when QB A-4 requests a time out. Subsequently, A does not run the same play. If the ball had been snapped as A-4 is walking off, what is the call? Discuss at this week's pre-games. For you Angels fans, we can learn something important from the Angels/White Sox game this past Wednesday. If you have the opportunity, get the crew together and get a play called correctly. Football allows time for officials to come together and discuss a play. This time can be used by an official to step up and save a crew. Get it right! Leave your egos in the locker room. I've noticed that some of you have been reporting dead-ball personal fouls as unsportsmanlike fouls. The act of pushing a player's head to the ground during a dead ball situation might seem like bad sportsmanship; however, it is a personal foul, not an unsportsmanlike foul. Discuss the difference in the pre-game conference. If A QB is in a SHOTGUN formation, and then moves two to three steps from that position to audible or realign players, that is a shift by the QB. No other A player can be in motion or start in motion until the QB resets. With seven officials on the field, we should be able to see a head coach requesting a time-out. Make sure to glance at the head coach periodically. This is especially true when teams are in the red-zone. Please discuss this week during the pre-game. I have heard some officials (and others) say sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Remember "luck" is simply the intersection of opportunity and preparation. Best of luck to all of you as we begin the second half of the season.

-Rich Kollen

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