Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 07:53:40 -0400

The games have been very competitive and challenging to officiate.
Keep up the excellent job and dedication to SCCFOA.

Remember, a muffed snap between the center and QB is not a fumble, thus
there is no need for beanbags.

On plays at the sideline or out of bounds, make sure the off-side
officials mirror the time out signals to benefit the timers. There have
been concerns from game timers regarding the quality of signals.

Dead ball officiating has been discussed, but the fundamental point
must be the official's presence after the play. We must emphasize the
hustle after the play and be consistent closing to the dead ball spot.
There have been numerous observations each week of the lack of movement
off the sidelines after the play by the flank and back judges. Remember
LJ & HL, you should close at least to the top of the numbers after
every play. Your presence near the players after each play will become a
huge deterrent to possible dead ball problems.

Holding (defense) on a pass play that crosses the LOS is a 10-yard
penalty from the previous spot and a first down. Holding (defense) on a
running play where the play ends beyond the LOS is tacked on to the end
of the run.

Someone must see a receiver going out of bounds during the play. If
the receiver is forced out and returns immediately - no problem. If he
goes out on his own - throw your beanbag (SCCFOA mechanic) and if he is
the first to touch the pass - throw the flag.

Two coaches are sending in tapes of "chop blocks" that have not been
called. I will discuss later after the tapes are reviewed. Discuss at
this week's pre-game.

Very good officials know what effect the foul has on the game. Develop
a "feel" for the game. There are times when a "no call" is the best for
the game.

When reporting a foul to the referee take your time and give him all
the information. Team committing the foul, type of foul, status of the
ball when the foul was committed and result of the play. The referee
needs all the information to make a correct enforcement.

Discuss in your pre-game to be aware of coaches requesting timeouts
when the teams are down in the red zone.


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