Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Thurs, 28 Sept 2006

We are now in week 5 of the season.  Just a quick email this week, as I did not receive any calls from officials or coaches.  A few learning items from the first four weeks:

Although it sounds odd, it is possible to have intentional grounding on a completed pass.  It is intentional grounding if a pass is thrown to an ineligible player while the passer is within the tackle box so long as there are no eligible players in the area.  It doesn't matter if the pass is complete or incomplete.  Intentional grounding does not require the ball to be "grounded" so long as it is thrown from within the tackle box to an area where no eligible Team A player has a reasonable opportunity to catch it.  (Rule 7-3-2-f)  

Illegal touching by an ineligible player is a loose ball foul.  It is enforced from the previous spot, not from the spot of the pass.  (Rule 7-3-11)

After you throw your flag, continue to officiate during a down.  We have received reports of situations in which an official has a foul during the down, but then fails to continue to officiate after throwing the flag.  These lapses have created situations in which out of bounds spots, forward progress and fumbles have not been correctly called because the covering official failed to continue to officiate.  Although it is important to get the number of an offending player and the spot of the foul, it is more important to continue to officiate.  You should be able to do both.

We should never have a major penalty without the correct number.  We lose credibility with the coaches when we (1) don't have a number or (2) have the wrong number.

All officials must continue to monitor blocks by interior lineman as the play goes away.  Back-side clipping is a foul and a dangerous technique that we must see and call.  

When looking for chop blocks, remember that it is legal for immediately adjacent linemen to simultaneously contact a defender in or behind the neutral zone even if one of the blocks is below the thigh.  It is an illegal chop block only if: (1) there is a delay between blocks, and the second block is below the thigh, (2) there is a combination block by nonadjacent lineman if one of the blocks is low, or (3) there is a combination block by any two offensive players beyond the neutral zone and one of the blocks is low.  (Rule 2-3-3)  

Pre-game conferences should include a reminder to the flanks and deeps to be aware of head coaches requesting timeouts when the teams are in the red zone.

We again remind you that when there is an ejection, the referee has to report the reason for the ejection.  If you have decided to eject a player or coach, ensure that your referee knows the precise reason for inclusion in his game report.

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