Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 15:13:20 -0400

The season is well underway and games have been very competitive. Keep
up the good work and please concentrate and stay focused. Please
review rule six at the next pre-game. There have been a few reported
incorrect calls on the field due to officials not knowing kicking rules.

There has been some misunderstanding regarding unsportsmanlike acts:
9-2 fouls and 9-1 personal fouls. It is important to understand the
difference and report the foul correctly to the referee. This is due to
Rule 9-2 penalty - two unsportsmanlike fouls results in
disqualification. Hands to the face, piling on, pushing after the
play and the other 9-1 personal fouls have been called unsportsmanlike
fouls. Please discuss this at the next pre-game.

During a nationally televised game, a team was given only three downs
in a series. We all say "how could this happen"? Someone on the crew
must have known there was a problem and should have had the courage to
set up and save the crew. Try to be that type of official.

This is an email from one of our coaches:
I've got a question for you; I was a little confused on xxxxx xxxxxxx
interpretation of the rule. Team A punts to team B. Player on team B
touches the ball on the 3-yard line and ball goes into the end zone. Same
player goes into the end zone picks up the ball and tries to run it out
as team A tackles him in the end zone. The play was initially called
safety (by the bj) for team A and then reversed to a touchback for team
B. What are your thoughts?

My thoughts are: back judges must know rule 6. The referee had to come
down to get the play correct. From that point on, the crew had lost
credibility. This is a simple rule we should not have missed. This
happened in two games last weekend.

Eye shields that are not clear are legal with a note from a doctor.
The trainers or equipment staff should have the information on file.
Remember clear means clear and any coloring in the shield needs the
doctor's verification.

The covering official does not need to give both the incomplete forward
pass signal and the stop the clock signal. If a forward pass is
incomplete, only give the incomplete signal. The other officials will give the
stop the clock signal.

During the pre-game on the field of Mission Conference games please
have the LJ and HL meet with the chain crew. Discuss the half time switch
along with normal duties.

To call passer beyond the NZ..at least one foot must clearly be beyond
the NZ.
Have a great weekend!


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