Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Fri, 22 Sept 2006

We are now in week 4.  As stated last week, the start of conference play marks a severe increase in the intensity of the games, players and coaches.  It should result in an increase of our intensity as well.  

We are still missing some calls, but as you know, so are the officials working at the highest levels.  This is a tough game to officiate.  We need all seven officials to be focused on every play.  Be ready to step up and help get the play correct on the field.  Everyone should check their egos at the door, and be ready to step up and be a crew-saver, if necessary.  Don't let something go because "it wasn't my area," or "I don't want the other official to be mad."  None of us should be too proud to receive help on a play.  

Last week there were a few ejections for unsportsmanlike acts.  The commissioners, assignors and the COA will support you 100% on ejections.  Just try to address the "trash-talk" during the dead-ball time before it results in a flag or a fight.  After each play, all officials must move in to clean up after the play.  If all officials work hard on this early in the game, we should see fewer problems near the end.  

A few specific items this week:

    Remember, if a Team B player signals for a fair catch and does not touch the kick, he may not contact a Team A player during the remainder of the down. (Rule 6-5-4, pg. FR-92).

    R: Take the QB from sideline to sideline.  Stay with him when he passes the ball near the sideline.  Remember, the other officials are looking at their own keys, and can not be expected to watch the QB unless he runs the ball.

    If a scrimmage kick (including a field goal attempt) is untouched by Team B beyond the neutral zone and touches the ground in Team B's end zone, the ball is dead and the down is over.  (Rule 6-3-9; pg. FR-89)  This includes tries as well!  (See A.R. 8-3-2-VI, pg. FI-52)  Deep officials must be aware of this and blow the play dead.

    One college called to report that their game was started early and before the band had played the National Anthem.  R: Manage the game and check with game management to see what pre-game plans have been made.

    Please do not eat and spit sunflower seeds before or during games.  This is especially true for games being played on the many new artificial grass surfaces.  It looks unprofessional and those shells are terrible for the new surfaces.

    Flanks and U:  If guards and tackles (including any lineman, other than the snapper, wearing number 50-79) have their hands on or near the ground (below their knees), they may not move their hands or make any quick movement (including flexing).  (Rule 7-1-3-4-c, pg. FR-94)  Shut down the play and flag the false start.

    Remember, any unsportsmanlike act toward an opponent that causes an opponent to retaliate by fighting is itself deemed "fighting" and results in an ejection.  (Rule 2-32-1-b, pg. FR-60)  If a punch is thrown, obviously eject the puncher, but don't forget to eject the player who caused such a fight, if his act is deemed unsportsmanlike.  As stated above, any unsportsmanlike act that is flagged and/or any ejections will be backed up 100% by the commissioners, assignors and the COA.  Just be aware, however, that any ejection in community college results in the player being suspended for the subsequent game.

    Along those same lines, let's try to stop the "trash-talking" before it results in any unsportsmanlike acts.  We need to work hard on our dead-ball mechanics.  Flanks: after you see that a kick is away and has cleared the goalpost (keeping in mind that before that, the ball is live), pinch in and make sure that the players know you are there-for example, by yelling "ball's away!"  Making our presence felt will clean up much of the "trash-talk" and other dead-ball problems.

R:  Before filing your game reports, ensure that all the comments made are correct.  Talk to the crew after the game so that everyone is on the same page for any situation that is being reported.

Have a Good Weekend
Rich Kollen

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