Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 19:57:12 -0400

The inter-conference schedule is now complete and conference games
start on Saturday. We want to address a couple of items to think about
after the first two weeks of games.

If you think it was DPI or OPI it was not. Both fouls must "jump out
and bite you" before you should make the call.

We had a situation where the LJ stopped the clock and ran to the clock
operator to make a timing adjustment. This is done without consulting
the BJ or Ref. Please know your responsibilities and duties of your

If you call a foul and also have the progress spot, please stay at that
spot until another official is there to hold the spot. The progress
spot is more important than giving the referee the foul information.

Please address the uniform concerns with the equipment staff and
trainers. Leave the head coach out of the discussion. Play the game and
report the problems to the appropriate coordinator.

Please arrive at the game dressed professionally. Tee shirt, shorts
and sandals is not the approved appearance for SCCFOA officials arriving
at a game site.

Make every effort, including shutting down a play, to have the team's
football on the field. This is all the officials' responsibility, not
just the umpire.

If the ball is tipped behind the line we cannot have DPI, OPI or IDP
(ineligible receiver downfield)

To be a forward pass, it is where the ball is touched or touches the
ground or official beyond the point where the ball is released.
Remember, when in question, the pass is forward.

We had the new late substitution situation last week. The punting team
huddled late on the sidelines then rushed onto the field. After the
scrimmage kick the crew huddled and called a foul on the offense. They
re-kicked after a five-yard penalty. The correct mechanic should have
been for the umpire to stand over the ball until the defense was ready.
This would have resulted in a delay by the offense, a five yd. penalty
and warning to team A. Please review this new rule and mechanics at
this week's pre-game.

When the ball becomes dead, it is close and a measurement is necessary,
always leave the ball at the dead ball spot. Do not move the ball and
then measure.


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