Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2007 3:18:35 PM

I received a call from an AD during a game. The issue was the procedure to be followed if the headsets for one team malfunction. I explained to him that headsets are not covered by our rules. Therefore, I remind you that, should the Referee be notified that one team's headsets are not working, the Referee should take the time to notify the opponents and suggest that, in the spirit of fairness, they remove their headsets until the problem is fixed. That's as far as we can go. The headsets do not fall within the rules we are charged with enforcing.

Make sure that you do not mirror a signal other than stopping the clock. It is not "mirroring" if you have actual knowledge of the play. If an official signals change of possession and you don't see the play, limit your signal to the clock. By signaling anything else, you are telling your crew and the coaches that you saw the play and you are making the call. This opens you up to criticism by the coach. He'll want to know what you saw. It's tough to say that you didn't see it if you signaled. Speaking of mirroring signals, it is not necessary for everyone to signal touchdown, only the covering official. If the play is your responsibility, then signal touchdown. Otherwise, let the rest of the crew do their jobs.

From Bill Athan, SCCFOA Inland group instructor: "Continue to officiate until the colors separate." This is the time of the season we all need to be good dead-ball officials.

A question was asked about kick receivers shading their eyes from the sun (which is legal, and not a fair catch signal). Two things to consider: (1) the arm should be bent at the elbow and (2) the hand should not be above the helmet. Remember that any other signal other than a legitimate shading of the eyes kills the play in NCAA (even if the signal is invalid).

A few Interference with the Opportunity situations: (1) B-22 is in position to catch a punt. As he is preparing to catch the kick, and before the kick arrives, flyer A-40 bumps or brushes in to B-22. Result: Interference with the Opportunity to Catch a Kick. (2) B-22 is in position to catch a punt, but has not signaled for a fair catch. Immediately after the ball arrives in the hands of B-22, flyer A-40 hits B-22. Result: No Foul. The rule states that, to be interference, the contact must occur "before, or simultaneous to, his first touching the ball." 6-4-1-c. (3) B-22 is in position to catch a punt. A-40 is running between the kick and B-22 but does not touch the ball or B-22. However, B-22 must move to avoid A-40. Result: Interference with the Opportunity to Catch a Kick. His opportunity must be "unimpeded." (4) B-22 signals for a fair catch. He then muffs the ball high into the air and is in position to complete the catch when he is tackled by A-40. Result: Interference with the Opportunity to Catch a Kick. A signaler must be allowed to complete a catch, even after a muff. A.R. 6-4-1-VIII.

We had a situation where the LJ stopped the clock and ran to the clock operator to make a timing adjustment. This was done without consulting the BJ or Referee. Please know your responsibilities and the duties of your position. Trust that your crewmates will know theirs.

When there is a fumble and players are piling in we must have an official in the pile digging for the ball. It is not who is the strongest but who has the ball first. On a true pile-up, after determining who has the ball, tell the Referee so he can signal. There's nothing worse than two officials signaling opposite ways.

One of our observers inquired as to how far a flank official should go onto the field. I don't think there is a hard-and-fast rule on this. It depends. We need to officiate for the situation. If the spot is critical, or good dead-ball officiating takes us closer to the opposite side, use common sense. Go as far as necessary given the circumstance. Flanks shouldn't need to go to midfield after every play, but it may be necessary to break up a scuffle or get a tough spot.

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