Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@me.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Friday, September 11, 2015



From all reports, the first week's games went very well. We did have a few issues, which will be discussed later in this bulletin. My compliments to all the players and coaches; there were very few flags and no ejections for decorum misconduct. That said, we are always striving to get better. Remember, officiating is the only job where we are expected to be perfect, and then get better.

We started off the year with officials allowing 12 defensive players on a play where the punt is blocked, resulting in a TD for the defense. This was an inexcusable mistake by three officials who should be counting the defense on every down, especially the 4th down. I will be holding the three officials accountable by removing them from a game and taking them out of consideration for post-season assignments.

If you will be using an unusual play during the game, please discuss it with the referee at your pre-game meeting. This will allow the officials to be ready for the play. Remember that there is no time out after a score and before the next kick off. Officials need to do a better job getting the two teams back on the field after a score. Headsets are not covered by our NCAA rules. Therefore, I remind you that, should the Referee be notified that one team's headsets are not working, the Referee should take the time to notify the opponents and suggest that, in the spirit of fairness, they remove their headsets until the problem is fixed. That's as far as we can go. The headsets do not fall within the rules officials are charged with enforcing. Coaches, please instruct your punt receivers that they can use their hand/arm to shield the sun when attempting to receive a kick. Instruct them to keep the hand/arm just above the helmet, as any higher will result in a fair catch signal nullifying any advance.

When a kickoff goes out of bounds the receiving team has two options; re-kick or take the ball at the 35 yard line closest hash mark, not the other hash mark. If the receiver catches the ball on a kick off with a foot touching the sideline, it is a kick off out of bounds, re-kick or put the ball at 35 yard line.

By rule, if a passed ball is tipped by a defensive player, there can not be defensive pass interference. The exception would be if defensive player is so close to the receiver that he touches the ball while committing pass interference. Call that foul.

There were issues last week with the new 40/25 sec clock. We know this will be a work in progress and will take a few games. One issue is that some colleges were unable to reset to 25 sec when needed by rule. Rather than stopping the game while they attempt to reset, referees should quickly communicate with both teams that the Back Judge will time the 25, then go immediately back to the 40 sec clock while working on fixing the issue. Referees must remember to raise their arms high into the air so the clock operator knows to start the 40 second clock.

There are a few late in the game issues from last week. With time running out in the second half, a play ends between the sidelines and hash marks. The covering official put the ball down at his feet. This is a correct mechanic except when time is of the essence. The umpire then needs to get a new ball and the relay is dropped and accidently touched by the defense, causing a further delay. This results in the clock running out without a final play. There is no provision in NCAA rules to stop the game due to officials mishandling the ball. If the defense would have prevented, the referee could stop the game for a snap.

In another situation, the clock operator did not stop the clock, it ran from 5 to 2 seconds, and no official caught the error. The offense wanted to spike the ball to stop the clock, but by rule there must be 3 seconds for that to occur, and the team lost their chance. AD's need to find quality operators and officials must be better aware of the clock late in each half.

This will be the third year that targeting results in automatic disqualification. I commend the coaches who have done a terrific job teaching and encouraging legal blocking and tackling techniques. The message has been sent to players, and our game is safer as a result. Officials, please remember when targeting is called, the Referee will seek information from other officials who should have also seen the foul. Each targeting penalty should be preceded by a short conference among all officials who have any information to give.

Week one gave us mild temperatures. Remember SoCal Septembers are usually very warm, so be ready.

Rich Kollen
Director of Football Operations
Southern California Football Association

2015 SCCFOA - Southern California Collegiate Football Officials Association