Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 22:31:41 -0400

A few comments after the first week of games. I have received many
positive reports and observations from the SCCFOA observers. Please
remember, their criticism is constructive and their goal is to make you a
better official.

Reminder: If you receive an email from www.thearbiter.net advising you
of a game change (time, location, etc.) you MUST reaccept your game on
arbiter. If this is not done, the college does not show you assigned
to the game. Referee's please follow up on this with your crews.
Again, please check SS's, this can be done under personal information on the
left hand side of the personal page in arbiter.

Mechanics: with the new rule allowing coaches to call time out, we will
need help from officials across the field to see a coach's request. It
has been reported that coaches' requests have not been seen by
officials on the sideline. This will occur when the play is near the goal
line. Good game awareness will help in these situations.

Sideline control: If you keep the first 6 feet (2yds) free of players
and coaches this will help the flank officials. Referees please discuss
this with the coaches before the game. A well timed sideline warning
can be the best call of the game.

Let's do a better job of getting bean bags and penalty flags in the
same location. If the penalties, illegal touch, fumbles and end of kicks
are the same, get the correct location.

Referees and umpires please discuss the new substitution rule and
mechanics. This is especially needed on teams that are using a no huddle

Use preventive officiating techniques early in the game. Warn coaches
on formation problems, equipment concerns, players conduct before you
call the penalty.

The three biggest reasons pass interference calls are missed.
1. The official is out of position.
2. The official is watching the ball not the players.
3. The official is not following his keys.

Please discuss the rules for towels on players during the game. The
color, location, and how many can be worn.

Please review the post scrimmage kick (PSK) rule and philosophy behind
the rule. When in question, the foul by team B was three yards behind
the line and enforce it as PSK.

I am aware of how difficult it is to count players with hurry up
offenses. Our philosophy is that if the snap is imminent with either team
still having 12 or more and the referee and umpire have released the
ball, shut the play down for illegal substitution (5 yards). Make every
possible attempt to avoid the legal participation foul.

After a free or scrimmage kick, if possible, start the series on a yard
line. This makes for a smoother game administration.


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