Get Ready for Fall 2022

From: "Rich Kollen" -
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Friday, September 03, 2021



When Riverside City College walked off the field on December 14, 2019, after winning the state championship at Bakersfield College, who would have ever guessed it would be 22 months before we would play football again? Congratulations to Riverside and Coach Tom Craft on his fourth state championship (first at Riverside after three at Palomar). Since we last played, we have nine new head coaches and ten new athletic directors in the SCFA. I wish them all the best of luck and appreciate each of them keeping the tradition of California community college football alive and well. Since our last games, we lost legendary El Camino football coach, John Featherstone, and long-time Grossmont College coach, Dave Jordan. Recently, the winningest coach in Antelope Valley College history passed away at age 80. During his time at AVC, Brett Carter won two state championships, in 1974 and 1975.

Retiring as the winningest coach in Saddleback College history is Marc McElroy, after 22 years. Congratulations, Coach McElroy! In addition, Mt. San Antonio College and Saddleback College are both proud to open their respective new $50 million-plus facilities this fall. The Southern California Football Association plays under NCAA rules. Rules are generally updated every two years, except with respect to player safety, which can happen every year. 2021 is an “off-year.” That said, we will have to know the rule changes from last year as well, since we didn’t have any games under the 2020 rules. The following are some general changes that affect games at the community college level:
· The team area now extends to each 20-yard line (previously the 25). Rule 1-2-4-a.
· Beginning with the second extra period in overtime, teams scoring a touchdown must attempt a two-point conversion. Rule 3-1-3-f.
· Beginning with the third extra period, a team’s possession series will be one play for a two-point try from the three-yard line, unless relocated by penalty. Rule 3-1-3-e.
· The commissioner can now review and discipline programs for faking injuries in order to slow down up-tempo teams. 2021 Points of Emphasis and Coaching Ethics Section g.
· Celebration, taunting, and bringing disrespect to your opponent will be a point of emphasis during the coming season. 2021 Points of Emphasis and Rule 9-2. Officials, please be mindful of this action early and consistently during the game.
· Another point of emphasis that could affect our game is the appearance of student athletes in their uniforms, see comments below.
· The NCAA is extremely concerned with coaches coming on to the field to debate officials’ calls. Officials have been instructed not to talk to coaches if they come on the field or outside of the 20-yard lines, and will move them back into the coaching box for any discussion. Let’s be consistent with these calls this year. Rule 9-2-1-b-1. If necessary, we will break down these rules further as the season progresses.

Coaches, athletic directors, and equipment personnel: the NCAA has imposed a strict requirement on uniform appearance. Student athletes’ undershirts must be tucked into the pants at all times. Jerseys must be tucked into the pants or made even with the waistline. Rule 1-4-5-a-1. Officials will observe players during warm-ups and advise them or the equipment manager of any uniform issues. During the game, officials will send the player off the field to conform to the rules. If we all work together, we can make our game look much better.

Sideline enforcement: To protect the health and safety of game personnel, only essential personnel are allowed on the sidelines during this COVID year. While some exceptions can apply (board members, college president, media, 4-year scouts, etc.), officials have been instructed to report, not enforce, sideline issues relative to this directive from the commissioner.

Although there was discussion about keeping chains on home team side due to COVID, we have decided that the chain crew will operate as normally opposite the press box. Sideline officials (SJ, FJ, LJ, HL) will still switch sides at halftime.

Over 200 community college football officials have provided their vaccination records. At this time, officials assigned to games will have to (1) have been vaccinated or (2) comply with NCAA testing protocol the week of the game.

Referees are to contact the athletic directors each week to confirm game information, and share that information with the crew. Also discuss the location of meeting/dressing rooms, and ask if water will be available. This season, we all need to understand that things are different from previous years. We MUST be ready to adjust to this ever-changing environment. We all want to play these games, so please be flexible.

As we prepare for the first week of games, we are all optimistic that we can get through the season with the minimum number of COVID interruptions. Unfortunately, we are already starting off the season with a game postponed due to an outbreak at one of our colleges. Stay safe, protect yourself, your family and everyone with whom you come in contact.

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt

Rich Kollen
Director of Football Operations