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From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Thursday, September 01, 2011



I would like welcome administrators, coaches and officials to the 2011 edition of my weekly bulletins. These bulletins are intended to bring together officials, coaches and administrators working as a cohesive unit with the sole purpose of making the Southern California Football Association ("SCFA"), SCIAC (DIV III), and NAIA a good experience for our student-athletes. Congratulations to Mt. Sac for winning the California State Championship and to California Lutheran University for winning the SCIAC in 2010.
In these weekly bulletins, I discuss issues and situations affecting our local college football games. I encourage input from each of you on situations that occur during the season, either in your games or other games you've seen. By sharing information, I hope to continue to improve the quality of game administration and officiating. Please know that our officials are always striving to become better. Any input you may have can only help. The game management information recently published by SCFA Commissioner Jim Sartoris is very important for all Athletic Directors and other administrators to read. With new rules, such as the 10-second runoff, it is very important to have competent timers, chain crews and sideline control. Coaches, please remember the new NCAA equipment verification card that MUST be signed by you or a designated representative before the game. The referee will have the card available to you during the warm-up time on the field.
The Southern California Collegiate Football Officials Association is very proud to announce that since the end of the 2009 season, 16 officials have been hired to officiate at the Division I level. Our officials have been hired in the following conferences: Big Sky, Conference USA, PAC 12, SWAC, Southland, Great West Football Conference, and Mountain West Conference. Another former member, Tony Corrente (one of the original SCCFOA members), was named the Coordinator of Officials for the PAC 12 Conference. This is a testament to the dedication of our officials and the training and professionalism of the SCCFOA. Congrats to all of our members and former members who continue to excel.
This has also led to a challenge. Because 16 of our best officials are moving up, we are faced with the task of finding the next 16 officials who have the ability, dedication and courage to step up and be a leader on the field. Our mentors, instructors and crew chiefs are gearing up to make this happen.
During the summer, Jack Wood conducted what we called "Newer Official Boot Camp." This was designed for 1st-3rd year officials. This all-day program covered the basics of moving up the college football officiating ranks. Accountability, accuracy in calls, fitness, mechanics and professionalism were some of the topics.
We have also been conducting summer study sessions with our officials. In addition to tackling the new rules, these sessions looked back to the past couple of years to identify the officiating issues that challenged us. These study sessions will help our officials improve. A couple of the issues include:
          -Substitutions. With the new speed-up offenses, the officials must be able to recognize substitutions. We must be aware that defenses need to able to match up with an offensive substitution. We will be using mechanics that will be visible to other officials and coaches alerting all that offensive substitutes are entering the game.
          -Calling fouls that cannot be supported on video. We continue to make calls that are not 100% there. There can be several reasons (out of position, improper mechanics, ignorance of the rules, speed and size of athletes, etc.). Regardless of the reasons, we need to make sure we are only calling fouls that need to be called.
Our annual officiating clinic attracted over 250 officials. Jack Wood did his normal excellent job with the instruction. A special thanks to Tony Corrente (coordinator of officials for the PAC 12 and NFL Referee #99) and Carl Cheffers (NFL Referee #51) for their presentation. It is great to see two of our alumni succeed at the highest level. On another clinic note, after I evaluated the test scores and missed questions, I have the following comments:
          -We are getting high school mixed up with NCAA rules. I understand that many officials work both, but to do so, you NEED to know the differences. For example, under NCAA rules, if you send a player out for a possible concussion, any medical personnel can allow him back in the game. It is not the officialÕs call as to whether or not the player is fit to return.
          -Many questions were missed on the new rules, demonstrating a lack of summer study. You can't crack the books shortly before the season. Football officiating has become a year-round avocation. If you aren't able to take the time to study the rules year-round, there are plenty of people who will.
          -I had concerns with our referees' scores in particular. Our referees need to set the standard in rule knowledge. Many of you are not doing that.
          -We had three perfect scores and over 40% of the scores were in the 90's. That is great and a testament to the hard work of these officials.
Finally, I recently received an email from one of the great community college coaches from Southern California, Gene Murphy. I think it typifies what community college football coaching is all about: "Observation Š As an old semi-retired football coach, I park my old Irish butt in front of the TV and watch every pre-season game I can on NFL Network. I am amazed at the number of kids who started at FCC and signed an NFL contract and although most (all) of them are seeing "mop up duty" in the 4th quarter, they are living their dream." I would imagine there are 36 other coaches in Southern California who are thinking the same thing.

Welcome to the 2011 football season. I hope it is a positive experience for all!

Rich Kollen
Director of Football Operations
Southern California Football Association

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