Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 18:56:57

Here are just a few things for SCCFOA members before we start the 2005 football season. There never has been a better time to be a college football official. We are experiencing tremendous growth and this year, we will introduce two more officials to each game. This addition of 2 officials comes with heightened expectations surrounding game performance. A few procedural changes on the community college games: All officials must be on the field at least 45 minutes prior to kickoff. The referee and umpire will meet with the head coach to discuss the normal football things and the new decorum policy. Please limit this discussion to the referee and umpire. We do not want all seven officials gathering around the head coach prior to each game. Go ahead and introduce yourself, but please limit it to that. During the 45 minutes prior to kickoff, the five officials should be supervising the team warm-ups. We have informed the coaches that the officials will be at the 50 yard line to ensure that teams are not kicking balls, running pass patterns, etc. into the opponents' side of the field. Trash talking during warm-ups should also be penalized. As for the new decorum policy, officials will be responsible for controlling players, coaches and sidelines. Utilize warm-up time to check uniforms and get yourself prepared for the game. The big thing we told the community college administrators is that the addition of two officials would give them coverage for all receivers, better sideline communication with the Head Coach, and improved dead ball officiating. Please focus on these aspects throughout the season, and referees, please make this a discussion point in all pre-game conferences. The referee's game reports are available on Arbiter. Please use this service and do not fax the report. Please use the D Mac (Don MacKenzie) patches given to you at the clinic. All players are expected to wear mandatory and legal equipment. This includes pants, with kneepads inside of the pant, which completely cover the player's knees. Jerseys tucked into uniform pants during the game should be the goal of every crew. All umpires should ask the trainer if he has documentation for any player wearing eye shields. If the answer is yes your job is completed. Try to keep the ball boys off the field. With seven officials, we should be able to get a new ball into the game without the ball boy entering the field. Many of you have indicated that you enjoy my weekly emails. Please email me questions and/or situations that you would like addressed in the weekly emails. Don't be embarrassed - your mistake will help everyone learn! Jack, Bill, Dean and I wish each of you a Great Football season.

-Rich Kollen

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