Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 22:50:07 -0400

A few observations after the clinic conducted by Jack Wood, Vern
Sparling, and our selected position instructors. Overall, I thought the
clinic was excellent and a special THANKS to all who particated. A few
items before the 2004 season starts.

Continue to communicate with coaches. Communication is essential
regarding fouls, players the crew is having difficulty with, penalty
enforcements alignment, etc. Alignment fouls should not be a surprise to a
coach. The coach should receive a warning prior to the foul.

With the new "Arbiter" software there is absolutely no excuse for
officials not to communicate before each game. Learn how to email crew
members using the program. This will save you time looking up email
address. Check out the other features of the system like maps to all the
colleges and officials homes.

Let's all agree on one goal - be the official who makes the crew
better. Try to be the official who can step up and help the crew get the
play correct. Football is one of the only sports that allow the
officiating crew the opportunity to gather additional information and get the
play correct. The word travels fast on which official steps up and
saves a crew, work to be one of these officials.

Let's work to treat every game as the biggest game of the week. For
the coaches, players, and spectators, each and every game is very

Make a commitment to look the part of a college football official.
Check your uniform - kickers get yellowish, shoes get worn, shirts fade,
hats get old, hair gets long, bellies get big. You can make the
argument that none of these things will help you get the play right; however,
watch any game on TV and you will see officials that pride in their
appearance. Always remember perception is reality.

The Mission Conference this season will switch HL and LJ positions at
half time, chain will stay in their normal location. This is for
conference games only. Coaches and SCCFOA officials at the conclusion of the
season will evaluate this experiment. The results will be shared with
the Southern California Coaches Association to determine adoption by
all conferences.

Many of you have added your picture to the information page of the
arbiter. This is very easy to do simply go on line click the picture
icon under your personal information section.

The past few years we have discussed that game management is so
important to the successful official. Develop your philophy on game
management. Spend time discussing game management with your fellow officials,
mentors, and crews. Ask others questions on how they would handle a
particular situation. Discuss this quote from Mary Struckhoff (August 2004
Referee Magazine). "Officials are expected to manage the game. Don't
throw out the rule but massage the book so you can run the game."


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