Kollen Bulletin

From: "Rich Kollen" - dayofgame@aol.com
Subject: SCCFOA
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006

It was nice to see all of you at the clinic at APU.  It shows that we have an excellent group of dedicated football officials who want to improve their level of officiating.  As you know, I will be sending out a weekly email to keep SCCFOA members current on situations that have occurred during the previous weeks.  It has never been my intent to embarrass any official (you will never see an official's name or specific game information referenced in the emails).  I write the emails as a learning tool to make everyone more aware of rules and play situations.  It isn't a crime to make a mistake, but it is a shame if we don't learn from our mistakes.  Therefore, if something happened in an SCCFOA game, please email me so I can share the information with the entire group.

A few things I would like to discuss before the first weeks of games:
    Please go to the SCCFOA web site and down load the two new bulletins from John Adams regarding the game clock.
    Please communicate with the head coaches on the new clock mechanics.  When you have a change of possession, please tell them "we are now starting the clock," "clock is running," etc.
    In all community college games make sure you are on the field 45 minutes before game time.  Game control at the community college level starts at that time, so take charge.  All players and coaches have been told there will be zero tolerance for decorum issues.
    One of the most important things a good football official has is common sense.  This is something that you can learn with additional snaps and discussing situations with more experienced officials.  
    Please be professional and take pride in your on- and off-field appearance.  Arrive at the game site dressed professionally, no flip-flops, tank tops, etc. Check your uniform for yellowing pants, faded shirts and caps, and replace if needed.
    Please email me anything that happens during your games that you feel would be helpful to the association.  I want to make everyone aware of plays that actually happen.
    There have been reports after the scrimmages that players' gloves are not in compliance with 1-5-m. Gloves must be gray in color.  Resolve this problem with the team's equipment person, not the Head Coach.  Do not let them on the field in violation.
    Wait until you enter the dressing room before you "high five," shake hands, etc., in congratulating your crew's game performance.  Coaches and spectators could misunderstand this action on the field.
Umpires please check the kicking tee to assure the new rule is followed.

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